Best 5 credit repair companies comparison

Best 5 credit repair companies comparison

Credit Wealth Express and The Competition

Credit Wealth Express offers a new dynamic to credit repair services.

In order to help you decide on the best credit repair company to fit your needs and to solve your credit challenges, please consider some key factors on why Credit Wealth Express may be the best option as one of the top credit repair companies on the Internet.

What’s unique about Credit Wealth Express?

Credit Wealth Express is made up of credit veterans. Our president and CEO Dorian Reed has authored two books on that very subject and has over 25 years of experience to help guide our clients.

When it comes to credit repair, most companies take a one-size-fits-all approach. This method, of course, is very flawed because no two credit profiles are the same.

All too often, clients are completely frustrated by the nature of credit and all of its strange algorithms. Top credit repair companies know that you must use the laws in order to truly win successfully and delete negative credit items.

While credit repair services all seem to be the same, nothing could be further from the truth. Many services simply nickel and dime their customers to death or confuse them with credit terms they don’t understand, but the best credit repair companies understand the clients are only interested in results.

Credit Wealth Express looks at credit profiles in a different way because it understands it has to merge both the legal and the practical to achieve the best results. Therefore, Credit Wealth Express offers a free credit tradeline or authorized user to help boost the credit profile, whereas our competition sells the authorized user to generate more money from the sale.

This one feature alone gives Credit Wealth Express a totally unique selling proposition to its clients and shows its real interest in achieving the results that are needed.

Key weaknesses of our key competitors.

Many of our competitors fail to maintain good communication with clients. They also deploy answering machines and voice mail as surrogates for customer service.

In addition to higher rates charged as a rule for the services that are done in many cases on an à la carte basis, the cost can soar greatly from what was originally quoted.

Most of our competitors also charge monthly fees and can take one or two years to complete cleanup.

Many of our competitors do not offer tradelines at all; therefore, they cannot even offer a complete solution. Many will not attempt to remove inquiries or late payments, bankruptcies, child support, student loans, and more. Credit Wealth Express works on all of these issues successfully.

4 Competitors you might find online.

  1. Lexington Law: Monthly Fees/ No Tradelines /Slow Turn Around
  2. The Credit Pros:  Monthly Fees/ No Tradelines /Slow Turn Around
  3. Monthly Fees/ No Tradelines /Slow Turn Around
  4. SkyBlue: Monthly Fees/ No Tradelines /Slow Turn Around

As you know, credit repair companies perform services that you yourself can do if you have the time and experience. However, if you lack either of these, you will find that credit repair services can be very frustrating and time consuming. Therefore, it is very useful to consult a professional who not only has experience removing negative items but is also able to help you work with all the dynamics of credit to achieve your financial goals.

Credit Wealth Express stands ready to help you in all these areas with straightforward pricing and clear solutions. We also offer timely service to get it done quickly because we are not tied into any kind of monthly payment plan as our competitors are.

Providing you with quick and efficient service is our only goal at

Please call us for more information at 1-800-395-9854

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